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Fix Epson printer won't print black ink

Excellent hacks to fix ‘Epson Printer won’t Print Black Ink’ Issue

Epson printers are leading the global market with amazing performance and unmatched quality of prints. These printers are stylish and versatile for both personal and professional use and provide excellent quality of imaging and printing solutions to thousands of users. Despite delivering printouts of high quality, Epson printers have its own set of faults and flaws which emerge from time to time and irritate the users. These issues need to be fixed at the right time to avoid further damage to your device. One such issue is the Epson printer won’t print black ink. This issue can arise due to a number of significant reasons listed in the write-up.

Factors That Lead to Epson Printer Won’t Print Black Ink

Usually, Epson printers have a built-in printhead of high quality. But if you are using your Epson printer for a long time, you must have replaced the original Epson printer head with a compatible one. This generally leads to an error and your printer is unable to print black ink. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an original or compatible Epson cartridge. A few nozzles of the print head gets blocked and the usual cleaning cycle fails to resolve the problem.

It also happens because most people do not change the cartridges when they see that their printer is giving warnings on low ink. Instead, they opt to wait for the black color to run out. This empties the ink cartridges and your printer denies to continue the print job due to no ink in all of the nozzles. Very often, these empty nozzles get filled with air and effectively block the flow of ink.

Steps to Unclog Epson Printhead Errors in Your Printer

Epson printer heads are components made with precision. Thus, if it’s blocked, you can try the suggested methods to clean the printheads manually to fix printer error.

  • Turn off your printer. Use Windex solution or distilled water in sponges and saturate these sponges to suck the excess ink on the printheads
  • Try to unlock the lever by running a cleaning cycle in your printer. This will unlock the position of the printhead assembly of your printer and allow you to move it back and forth easily. Now, move the printhead assembly to the center of the printer. Gently push it towards the right.
  • Again, saturate the sponge by using a syringe or an eyedropper and fill the sponge holder with either Windex solution or distilled water. Keep your printer in rest for around 15 minutes and turn it on
  • Clean the printhead using towels and move the printhead assembly back to its resting position.

Fix Epson printer won't print black ink

Did the above-mentioned steps fail to make a difference? Is your Epson printer not printing properly? Before searching your locality for an affordable Epson repair center, call us to avail quality support for your Epson printers. Our experts at Epson support are well-versed in handling these issues and they fix printer errors without taking it too hard on your pockets.

Preventive Measures for Hassle-Free Printing Sessions with Epson Printers

There are several methods which you can try to help prevent clogged nozzles in your Epson printers. Follow some of the tips suggested by our experts to enhance the longevity of your device:

  • Never run more than three cleaning cycles. After doing this, an excess amount of ink is being smeared over the printhead
  • Turn off your printer after use to avoid “mini-cleaning cycle.”
  • Print some pages at least once a week as it will keep the ink from drying out in the nozzles
  • Try to use genuine cartridges for your Epson printer. If not available, always use the highest quality of compatible cartridges.

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If you are finding difficulty in dealing with the complex mechanism of your Epson printers, immediately place a Connect Epson Printer Setup Utility  and grab immediate assistance from us. Our team of experts at Epsonsupport247 are highly skilled to unclog Epson printer head and resolve these issues within a specified time-limit. You can choose to send us emails regarding your printing issues and we will reply back with proper solutions as soon as possible. If you are tired of Epson printer not printing properly, feel free to chat with our executives via Live chat support or get remote assistance from our professionals at Epson Technical Support.

Fix Epson printer slow printing issue

Amazing Ways to Fix Epson Printer Slow Printing Problem: Resolve Slow Printing Issues at the Earliest

Electronic gadgets have brilliantly simplified the age-old process of managing paperwork. Along with computers and laptops, printers have occupied an essential place in the daily schedule of the users. Seiko Epson is a popular Japanese brand which manufactures a diverse range of Epson printers which stand out among all the top printer brands across the world largely due to its unmatched built-in features and robust quality. However, these advanced features often fall short to resist technical glitches and your Epson printer develops many complicated errors.

Slow printing happens due to a plethora of reasons such as printer spooler not working properly, damage in any components, etc. It reduces the efficiency of your printer and creates an unnecessary interruption in your printing session. Contacting with a reliable printer technician is the best option to solve this slow printing error without damaging your printer. Keep reading this write-up to know everything about slow printing problems and try your hand at quick repair methods.

What Makes Your Epson Printer Run Slow?

Struggling with slow printing issue while performing an important printing task is the most annoying thing that you can ever experience during a printing session. Go through the list of factors which leads to Epson printer slow printing:

Fix Epson printer slow printing issue

  • Printer spooler is not working properly
  • Any printer component is malfunctioning or has developed a damage
  • Expiry of the ink cartridge
  • Error in the print settings
  • A faulty installation of the printer driver
  • Jamming of paper or any other foreign object inside the printer
  • Slow network connection
  • Issue in the power supply
  • Accumulation of dust in the print head
  • The printer is running out of ink
  • The printer has not been reset for a long period
  • Too much print jobs are jammed in the print queue

You can wipe out these above mentioned factors by handling your device with proper care.  Despite strictly following the usage guidelines, printing issues can arise to baffle an amateur in the technical field. Futile attempts to resolve the issue by yourself will increase the chances of damage to your device. Trust your Epson printer with a crew of highly skilled printer technicians who can offer printer maintenance service at a budget-friendly price and solve Epson printer slow printing problem with 100% accuracy.

Quick Steps to Resolve Slow Printing on Epson Printer

As soon as you encounter Epson printer suddenly slow, you can connect with a reliable service provider for the instant solution. You can also try to fix this problem on your own by following the simple steps discussed below.

  1. Check and reset print quality settings
  2. Inspect whether the network cables are properly plugged in or not
  3. Avoid printing documents on duplex mode and try to print on single-sided mode
  4. Reset the printer driver software
  5. Close all other applications on your PC or laptop
  6. Check and remove any foreign article from the printer in case it is stuck inside the device
  7. Replace your existing ink cartridge with a new one if you find it to be expired
  8. Remove all print jobs stuck in the print queue and try to place fresh printing signals one by one
  9. Clean the print head with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust
  10. Check and reset the print spooler in case it is malfunctioning

If you are facing the same issue over and over again, you need to connect Connect Epson Printer Setup Utility with our professionals at Epson Printer Support. They will provide you with printer maintenance services at a pocket-friendly price to fix slow printing on Epson printer.

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Learn How to Download Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10

Learn How to Download Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10 and Enjoy Trouble Free Printing

Good news for Windows 10 users who are facing difficulty to install Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10. The best tech support team has come to your rescue. Go through this page, gather some information about the utility of printer drivers and note the steps that we have enlisted to help you out.

Get Epson Support To Download Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10

Seiko Epson Corporation is a Japanese company which manufactures computer printers, information and imaging equipment. The company has multiple subsidiaries worldwide that manufactures inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, desktop computers, home theatre televisions, scanners and various other electronic components. Epson is one of the three core companies of the Seiko Group, a name which is primarily known for designing Seiko timepieces.

Importance of Downloading Epson Printer Driver

Printer drivers allow the applications to do printing irrespective of the technical details of each printer model. It is the printer driver that converts the data into a format that the printer is capable of understanding. It can also be described as a program that allows a computer to communicate with a printer and send print requests to it.

Effective Steps to Download Printer Driver at Home

In order to use a printer, you must have driver software installed on your computer. Without a printer driver, your printer fails to receive the print instructions. Therefore, it is mandatory that you install drivers for the proper functioning of your Epson printer. Let us give you the steps to install the driver so that you can enjoy trouble-free printing:

  • Download and install Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility
  • Agree to the License Agreement
  • Click on next
  • Click on install
  • Select your product and click on next
  • Select Printer Registration and then click on next
  • Select agree
  • When you see the Register a printer to Epson connect message click ok
  • Click on close
  • Activate the scan to the cloud and remote print services

Windows 10 users often complain that whenever they attempt to install Epson printer drivers, installation becomes unsuccessful. Some users have also encountered error codes and messages while downloading the drivers. Before installing Epson Drivers for Windows 10, you must make sure that your system has the requirements to support the driver and ensure that the router connection is secure.

Learn How to Download Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10

Significance of Installing a Printer Driver

A printer driver has two primary functions: the first is to serve as a bridge between the computer and the printer, allowing the computer to understand the details and hardware specifications of the printer and the second is the ability to transform print job data into a language that the printer can understand. Each printer has a unique driver matching its profile for each operating system which must be installed on the computer. If the driver is misconfigured or if the wrong driver is installed, your printer will not be appropriately detected by the computer. However, some printers use the generic printer drivers that come with the operating system allowing the user to print without installing additional drivers. This can restrict you from using the full potential of the printer because additional printer-specific settings and functions might be unavailable.

Opt For Professional Assistance to Resolve Issues While Downloading Printer Drivers for Windows 10

Can’t download printer driver? Are you looking for help? Your day just got lucky because you are on the right page for help. We are the most dependable group of experts when it comes to Epson printer repair. Customers often face difficulties while installing an accurate printer driver. To get over such errors, it’s always better to talk to the experts. We deal with these issues on a regular basis; hence, we have enough experience in solving printer driver errors. Trust on our services and forget printer problems.

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Did you try the steps mentioned above? Did they make any difference? If your issue is unresolved, place a call at our Epson repair center number +1-888-573-0071 and get all your queries resolved. Our pool of experts are skilled and experienced in handling Epson driver errors. You might encounter network congestion while calling. Avail our live chat facility to reach Epson Support. You can also mail us by enlisting your Epson concerns. Affordability is our specialty, therefore don’t stress over expenses. Experience our services and let us resolve printer driver installation issues. Your feedback regarding the quality of our work will be appreciated.

Epson Printer Driver C363b Error

Worried about Ways to Fix Epson Printer Driver C363b Error? Repair it by Connecting with Experts

We use multiple electronic gadgets in our daily lives which simplifies our daily course of work. A printer is one of those useful devices which plays a significant role in reducing paperwork at our offices as well as in our homes. It has replaced the tedious and age-old method of paperwork by generating digitally printed documents and thus save our time and energy. When we talk about opting for an advanced quality printer, no other brand can match the high-quality standards of Epson. Epson Inc. develops Epson printers to deliver its users with excellent features and robust quality of printer models such as Label printer, Inkjet printers, laser printers, Professional imaging printer, Business imaging printers, etc. Epson always meets up your printing requirements by offering excellent features.

People of Middletown, NY prefer to use Epson printer for both official and personal purpose due to its user-friendly interface and long shelf life. Despite having the latest technologies and unique features, Epson printers are often diagnosed with printer driver c363b error which mainly occurs due to faulty installation of the printer driver on the computer system. The error can be repaired with reliable Printer repair service which can be provided by our Epson Printer Support team. So, if you are looking for Epson printer repair in Middletown, NY, feel free to connect with our skilled experts to avail quick recovery solutions to fix Epson Printer Driver C363b Error from us to continue error free printing with your Epson printer.

What is C363b Error and Why does it happen?

The C363b error mainly occurs if the Epson printer drivers are installed or updated in a wrong way or the process was not completed correctly due to an issue with internet connectivity.

Epson Printer Driver C363b Error

Smart Tricks to Fix Epson Printer Driver Errors at Home:

No need to worry about finding the right support to fix printer driver error codes. Our experts are ready to guide you with all possible solutions to fix printer related errors and install the Epson drivers correctly on your computer system. If you want to take an attempt to fix the error on your own before contacting us, you can follow the steps which are mentioned below.

A) Update the drivers manually

  • Open the Control panel and click on Device manager
  • Look for Epson printer to update the driver
  • Right-click on the device and select Update driver software.”
  • Select “Search automatically” option from the popped up window
  • Follow the instructions to complete the driver installation process

If the steps mentioned above do not give you fruitful results, you can apply another method which is explained below.

B) Switch off the printer

  • Turn the power off and then on to your Epson printer and continue this process until you receive a warning message saying “Saved fax data or received will be deleted’ on the printer display screen
  • Click on Yes option and then click on OK

After applying all of these above-listed steps, your Epson printer driver error C363b should be fixed, giving way to flawless and high-quality printing on your Epson printer. In case you can’t resolve the issue by yourself, only an expert hand can do justice by applying rescue methods. Our professionals at Epson Support can address all your printer related issues with accuracy and quickness. You are requested to connect with us in case you are looking for Epson Repair Service in Middletown, NY.

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We provide best in class service in Middletown, NY to repair printer problems at an affordable price. On-time delivery, transparent transactions, free consultations and 24×7 service are the strengths of our support team. You can call us at our toll-free helpline number by dialing +1-888-573-0071 and share your issues with our experts to avail right solutions from them. You can drop a mail to our registered mail id stating your queries and avail best possible solutions within the next 24 hours of your complaint. You can even talk to our experts via our live chat option and avail instant solutions from them.

Epson Customer Support

Install Epson Printer Driver efficiently on Your PC by Connecting with Premium Support in New York City

Technological advancement has revolutionized our way of doing various official as well as personal work by developing advanced electronic gadgets. A printer is one such useful electronic devices which converts a computer graphics into a hard document, called print out. It saves the time which was used to deal with paperwork before the invention of printers. These technologically advanced devices can print unlimited documents within a quick span of time. There are many famous printer brands in the market out of which Epson printers are highly preferred in New York City.  Users rely on Epson printers to meet their increasing demand for complex printing sessions. The Japanese company, Epson Inc. manufactures robust quality printers with advanced features and long shelf life.

All Epson printer models amaze their users with a user-friendly interface, high-quality features and budget-friendly price range. However, even this useful device is not free from errors and people from New York City often complain about frequent problems while installing Epson printer drivers in their PC, Laptop or MacBook. Even after following the guidelines mentioned in the printer manual books, you might encounter various issues during the printer driver installation process. In those situations, you will look for an expert’s help to troubleshoot the installation errors as soon as possible. Receive reliable support by connecting with our EpsonSupport247 team. Our experts are well equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to provide you with printer repair service at a reasonable price to fix all your printer related issues.

Epson Support

Unable to Install Epson Printer Driver on Your PC? Try out Some Quick Guidelines

Connecting with an expert is no doubt the best option to fix any performance error and to prevent damage to your device. But there are always some basic steps which you can apply on your own to repair printer issues before contacting with any service provider. If you are finding difficulties in dealing with printer driver software, follow the steps mentioned below to minimize the errors and complete the process correctly.

  • Download and Install the Epson Connect printer Setup utility
  • Accept the End-user License agreement and click on Next
  • Click on Install and then click on Finish
  • Select your product and click on Next
  • Select printer registration and click on Next
  • Select Agree and click on Next
  • You will receive a message saying “Register a Printer to Epson Connect,” and then you need to click on Ok
  • Fill in the Create an Epson Connect Account form and click on Next in case you are creating a new account
  • Click on Add and Finally click on Close

The tips mentioned above can solve your problem and optimize the printer’s performance. At times you might not receive fruitful result even after applying these guidelines due to some technical issues. If you cannot install Epson printer driver on your computer system, do not hesitate to connect with our certified engineers to avail thorough guidance to complete the printer installation process without any error. We are among the best printer repair service providers in New York City and our experts are well trained to resolve any printer related problems with perfection and quickness.

Avail Budget-Friendly Solutions to Fix Printer Issues by Connecting +1-888-573-0071

Have you tried all possible guidelines to fix the printer driver installation error? Still receiving multiple error codes such as communication error, printer paused error, missing print settings error, etc? We at has an excellent reputation of being the best Epson repair center in New York City for providing our customers with best in class services. We have highly skilled experts on our team who can diagnose the actual reason behind the issue and come up with the best-suited solution for it. Our toll-free helpline number +1-888-573-0071 is open for 24 hours to attend your enquiry calls and offer you the most suitable solutions for printer issue. You can reach our experts via our mail support or chat support options during busy working hours. In case you are looking for Epson printer repair in New York City, you can get in touch with our experienced professionals via call, mail or chat to avail class apart solutions to overcome all printer related problems.

How To Fix Epson Printer Error W-13 Code?

What are the Most Common Epson Printer Error Codes and How to Fix them?

Printers have given us freedom from manual efforts for making copies, but sometimes they can annoy to a great extent when they encounter issues like error codes. All you get to see is a small message indicating number along with a one-line text which only an expert can understand who has relevant experience in handling Epson printer error codes issues. There is no doubt that Epson is one of the most established brands in the printing industry, but any gadget can collapse with time. Here mostly due to lack of knowledge, users directly start searching for an Epson printer repair service provider by typing “Epson printer repair near me” in their browser without even knowing that they can fix these error codes on their own.

You only need some basic technical knowledge and patience to resolve Epson printer errors. Below I have mentioned some remedies along with the description of error codes in all the series of Epson printers.  Here you need to make sure that the solutions are applied in the same manner in which they are written as any deviation from a procedure can affect the result.

Epson AcuLaser Series

A) Code: 6030


pressure roller high-temperature error


When the temperature of a heat roller does not reach a specified value for 22 to 40 seconds after the warm-up is started, then this error arises. Sometimes.


Method 1:

  • Check the connection between a fusing unit and connector
  • Now remove the fusing unit and install it again

Method 2:

Analyze if the heater lamp 1 (H1), 2 (H2) light is on when you turn on the printer. If it is off, then you have to replace the fusing unit.

B) Code:  6034


Multiple manual feeder pusher errors


While loading papers a printer detects the MPT push-up tray position. If the output of the manual tray upper position sensor (PC15) does not change even when the stipulated amount of time has passed, then it indicates that the MPT push-up plate is abnormal.


  • If the manual tray does not push paper to the paper load roller, then arrange the papers on the manual tray.
  • 2 If the manual tray paper load roller one-way clutch does not have the claws, then replace the one-way clutch gear. If it has the claws, then replace the manual tray paper load solenoid.

C) Code:  0060


It is a fusing motor malfunction error which shows up in the printer like this:

“Fusing motor (M4) Print control board (PRCB)”


It happens when the fusing motor does not rotate evenly even when the given period has lapsed. In such condition, the motor lock signal remains HIGH for a period of consecutive time while the fusing motor rotates.


  • Check the M4 connector for eliminating connection errors
  • Analyze the fuser unit driving mechanism and look for possible overload  3 Check the PRCB connector for proper connection

Epson printer error codes

Epson Artisan Series

A) Code:  05


It is a paper jam error in which you will find some papers stuck in the scanner unit.


It happens when the paper remains in the path even when it is ejected.


Here you need to replace the waste ink tray assy and lower paper guide waste ink pad assy. After doing this, you need to reset the waste ink counter.

B) Code:  09


This error indicates no ink cartridge in the printer. It will tell you to install the mentioned cartridge.


This error occurs when the I/C of the printer is not set.


  • If the Memory chip on the ink cartridge is disconnected or damaged, then you have to replace it.
  • 2, Connect the CSIC FFC correctly
  • Replace the CSIC Assy if it is damaged

C) Code:  17


It is a duplex unit related error


When the printer fails to detect the duplex unit, then users encounter this problem. Majorly a jammed paper or duplex unit sensor failure creates this issue.


  • Install the duplex unit correctly
  • Check if the duplex unit sensor is connected or not and if it is damaged then replace it.
  • If jammed paper is the reason, then remove the duplex unit by opening the cover, and then take out the jammed paper. Now leave the printer ON and reinstall the unit.
  • Replace the PE sensor if it is damaged

Epson ME Office Series

A) Code:  06


This error generates when the printer is low on ink and needs replacement. It is known as Ink end error.


It appears due to low Ink in some I/C.


  • Install the ink cartridge correctly
  • Look for memory chip and check if it is connected accurately. Also, check if it is chipped or not.
  • Analyze if the dead FFC is connected to the connector on the CSIC Board.

B) Code:  12


It is a DSC direct error. In this, the printer fails to recognize the device


This error arises when an unsupported device is connected to the port for establishing a connection to external memory devices. In such situation, the DSC needs more current than the mechanical limit.


  • Replace the USB Cable if it is damaged  
  • Check and Verify whether the digital camera is compatible with the printer. If not then install a consistent option.

C) Code:  01


It is a communication error which will display in the printer like this:

“LED Power: – LED Paper: – LED Ink: -“


When the panel FFC is not connected to the panel board, then this error comes up. Sometimes a faulty panel board can also create this issue.


  • Connect the panel FFC to the panel board and main board connectors.
  • Check the panel FFC for damages and replace it if it was damaged.
  • Connect the cable of the power supply board to the main board connector CN60 if they are not attached.
  • Insert the blue colored pin of the power supply board connector cable into the 1 Pin of the Main Board connector.

Epson PictureMate Series

A) Code:  08


It is a communication error where the printer is not able to communicate with the computer.


It can happen due to a damaged AC adapter cable, failed connection of Panel FFC to CN1 connector, damaged panel board or main board, faulty battery, etc.


  • Replace the AC adaptor or the cable with a new one if it is damaged
  • Connect the panel FFC to the panel board and main board connectors if they are not connected properly.
  • Replace the Panel FFC if it is malfunctioned
  • Charge the battery if it has not collapsed but if it has failed the replace it.
  • Replace the main board if it is damaged

B) Code:  09


This error is a fatal one for your printer. When this error occurs, your printer will suggest you see the documentation.


By nature, this error generates when the damage is irrecoverable. Majorly it happens because of the damaged main board or CR motor. Sometimes a faulty connection between them can also be responsible for this.  


  • Check the Main Board for damage and replace it if needed
  • Check if the CR Motor cable is connected to CN2 connector on the main board or not
  • Replace the CR Motor if it is damaged.

C) Code:  05


It is a photo cartridge out the error and below is the displayed quote which will show in the printer when it encounters this issue:

“Photo cartridge not installed. Open cartridge cover, then insert a cartridge.”


It generally happens when the cover is closed without a photo cartridge.


  • Correctly install the Ink Cartridge
  • Check the memory chip on the cartridge and see if it is chipping or any other damage has occurred
  • Replace the ink cartridge with a new one.
  • Check if the tension spring 1.46 is disengaged. If yes then attach the tension spring 1.46 to the tabs.

Epson Stylus Series

A) Code:  13


It is a memory card error in which the printer does not recognize the memory card or disk and asks you to format it.


It can happen due to compatibility issues, damage card, or wrongly inserted card in a slot


  • Check the version of your memory card and see if it is compatible with your printer
  • Replace the card if it is damaged
  • Check if a memory card is inserted into the right slot without using the adaptor.
  • Review if the memory card slot pins on the main board are bent or broken. If yes then replace it.

B) Code:  14


This error occurs when there is no index sheet, or it is not accurately positioned. Generally, it shows itself with the name of Index sheet error 1 which is code 14.


The reason behind it can be the opposite direction of the order sheet. Sometimes printer also fails to recognize the index sheet correctly which can lead you to this error.


  • Close the document cover if it is open
  • Set the Index Sheet correctly
  • Check if the Index Sheet’s standard position is clean or not  
  • Reprint the index sheet if it is not clean
  • Clean the document glass.

C) Code:  15


It is a remaining maintenance media error. The test which will display in the printer is as follows:

“Remove the CD/DVD from the tray to carry out maintenance, then press the [CD tray] button.”


When the CD or DVD tray is not clean, or there are some stains on PW sensor, then this error shows up. Sometimes faulty carriage unit can also be responsible for this issue.


  • Clean the PW sensor area properly
  • Connect the PW sensor connector cable to the connector of the PW sensor and CR Encoder board
  • Replace the PW Sensor connector cable if it is damaged
  • Replace the Carriage Unit if it has malfunctioned
  • Clean the marking of the CDR Tray
  • Install the CDR tray correctly

Epson SureColor Series

A) Code:  1101


It is a CR life error which generates when the CR scan pass counter has reached the specified lifetime limit. It indicates that the INK TUBES have reached the end of their service life.


Counter issues of the ink tube or faulty ink tube can be the reason behind this error.


  • Replace the ink tubes if it is damaged
  • Reset the counter of the ink tube

B) Code:  1125


It is a CR HP detection error in which the CR HP SENSOR fails to detect the CR UNIT or the unit fails to recognize the sensor.


It can happen due to CR HP SENSOR failure, false apprehension of the home due to a paper jam or any other obstacle and misreading of CR SCALE.


  • Replace the CR HP SENSOR if it has failed
  • Re-install the CR ENCODER and if it has malfunctioned then replace it
  • Clean the CR SCALE by applying ethanol
  • Replace the CR SCALE if it has collapsed
  • Replace the CR Lock if not working properly

C) Code:  1A39


It is a head error. In this, the electric parts get damaged due to improper head FFC connection


It can come up due to connection failure of the Head FFC. It can also damage electrical parts or components if the connection is improper of Head FFC connection. Sometimes a damaged drive circuit in the printhead can also trigger this error.


  • Replace the Head FFC if it is malfunctioned
  • Replace the printhead
  • Replace the main board

Epson Stylus Pro Series

A) Code:  122A


It is an overload error


The reason behind this error can be the overflow of the current to the PF MOTOR,  the cable of PF ENCODER is damaged, irregular load and PF ENCODER or PF MOTOR failure


  • Replace the PF ENCODER
  • Replace the MAIN BOARD

B) Code:  122B


This error is an over speed error


When the PF MOTOR is driven at a speed faster than a predetermined one during deceleration, then this error occurs. It can also happen due to irregular load, PF ENCODER failure, damaged SUB-B BOARD and  PF MOTOR driver failure


  • Replace the PF ENCODER.
  • Replace the SUB-B BOARD
  • Replace the MAIN BOARD.

C) Code:  00010000


It is a PF encoder check error. When you encounter this error, then the printer stops operation as it fails to detect the encoder pulse signals at intervals of the specified time during the power-on initialization operation or while the PF Motor is driving.


The reasons behind this error are as follows:

  • The PF Encoder connector is disconnected
  • The PF Motor connector is not connected, or the harness is broken
  • The wiring of the A and B phases are wrong
  • The wiring of the motor is faulty
  • The PF Motor has shorted out.
  • The PF Motor kept rotating abnormally.
  • The fuse for the motor driver has blown
  • The Main Board has damaged, and +42V/+24V remote control is broken
  • The Power Supply Board is damaged


  • Clean all the dirt or paper dust on the loop scale and check if it is damaged or not  
  • Reconnect the PF Encoder connector or the PF Motor connector
  • Adjust the PF Timing Belt Tension
  • Replace the PF Encoder sensor
  • Replace the PF MOTOR ASSY
  • Replace the BOARD ASSY

Epson printer repair near me

Epson B Series

A) Code:  09


It is a communication error which shows up like this in a printer

“Power: -.Error: -. Ink: -. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.”


When the printer fails to communicate with the system accurately, then this error comes up.


  • Correctly connect the panel FFC to CN1 on the Panel Board
  • Replace the panel FFC  if it is damaged
  • Replace the panel board if it has malfunctioned
  • Connect the power supply unit cable to CN4 on the main board
  • Replace the power supply unit if it has damaged

B) Code:  08


This error is a double feed error. In the printer it shows like this:

Power: -.Error: -. Ink: Light. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.


It happens when you feed multiple pages at once into the printer. Sometimes wrong size paper can also be the reason behind it.


  • Set the extension spring to retard between the retard roller unit and the ASF frame
  • Check whether the paper-back lever is operating correctly or not.
  • Adjust the extension spring 6.45 between the ASF frame and the paper-back lever

C) Code:  06


It is an incorrect ink cartridge error. Which displays in the printer like this:

“Power: -.Error: -. Ink: Light. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.”


When the ink cartridges are not detected, then this error occurs. Sometimes when ink is out in some ink cartridges then also you can encounter it.


  • Check whether the ink cartridge is installed correctly or not
  • Connect the memory chip if it is disconnected or not chipped
  • Connect the head FFC to the connector on the CSIC Board
  • Replace the CSIC board if it has damaged

With the help of remedies mentioned above, you can quickly get rid of all the problems related to Epson error codes. However, if you still face issues then contacting Epson technical support at will be a wise decision as now only an expert who has handled and given Epson printer problems and solutions will be able to help you. Today you can find many options by just typing “Epson printer repair near me” in your browser as several service providers are nowadays giving 24×7 support.


Get to Know About the Solutions to Fix the Issue of Epson L210 Red Blinking Light

Epson is a leading brand that produced high-quality and a wide range of printers. Epson L210 is one such model manufactured by them. The users often report the problem of Epson L210 red light blinking. So, in this post, we will let you know about the solutions that can help you in fixing this problem of Epson Printer. The blinking signal indicates resetting the ink and replenishing degree. Usually, the printer’s light blinks due to two primary reasons, either the ink of the printer is out, or the ink cartridge is not identified.

What is Epson L210 Red Blinking Light issues

The Epson L210 blinking red light refers to the ink ratio by counting the printed pages. The printer is configured to recognize a full storage tank of 4000 web pages. When the matter goes top compared to 3500 to 3600 web pages, the red light starts blinking continuously thereby indicating the reduction in the volume of the ink. The printer will stop working when the number goes to 4000 web pages. To eliminate the problem of Epson L210 Red Light Blinking, you can install new magenta (T0343), cyan (T0342), photo black (T0341), yellow (T0344), light cyan (T0345), light black (T0347), light magenta (T0346), or matte black (T0348) ink cartridge.

Epson Printer Error

But if the cartridge is full and you still are having the blinking issue, then you need to check whether the ink cartridge is installed correctly or not. For this purpose, you need to press the switch of ink on the Epson L210 print heads and the relocate the print head to the ink cartridge substitute position if the print head is not at the perfect position. Now, insert the ink back and remove the cartridge. Continue with ink setup of the ink cartridge.

Call +1-888-573-0071 to Fix Epson L210 Red Blinking Light Errors

This is all you need to do for resolving the issue of blinking the red light on your Epson L210. But if the problem persists, or you are looking for “Epson Printer near me” you can take help from our Epson Technical support. We have been in this domain for a long time and have gathered a team of experienced experts that have full knowledge of the all the issue related to your Epson Printer. We also provide on-site and pick up printer repair services in all the parts of New York and are available on a 24×7 basis to help you. Our solutions are not only best but affordable too. To have the excellent Epson Printer services from us all, you need to do is call us at our Epson technical support helpline number. One of the best experts from our printer repair center will pick up your call and will eliminate your issue in minimal time.

Epson error Code 0x9e

Fix the Epson Printer Error Code 0x9e, Just in Few Easy Step

Epson is a globally famous brand known for its high-quality IT products. Printers are one of the quality product manufactured by them. Epson has introduced many models of stylish Printers that are not only affordable but also have a user-friendly too. However, it is a bitter truth that technical faults are inevitable that occur due to regular and rough use of these devices. Same is the case with Epson Printer, and one such issue with this gadget is Epson Erro code 0x9a. It typically appears on the LED screen of the Epson Printer. This error code 0x9e on Epson Printer appears while printing is in progress, thereby stopping all the print work. Error code 0x9e mostly takes place in the Epson WF-4630, WF-3640 or WF-7610 printer models.

Here are the causes of Epson Error 0x9e :

  • Damaged configuration
  • Missing hardware configs
  • 0x9e setting no valid
  • Depending on background settings
  • forbidden
  • Not enough consent to write network browser settings

Below mentioned are some methods that can help you in solving the error 0x9e from your Epson Printer

Epson error Code 0x9e

Method 1. Detach and reconnect the printer, remove jammed paper

  • Step1: Firstly, you need to cancel all the printer jobs.
  • Step2: In the next step, unplug the USB cables and other plugged cables from your Epson Printer. Make sure you detach the printer from your PC as well.
  • Step3: Now, open the cover of the printer and remove the jammed paper carefully.
  • Step4: You need to remove and reinsert the cartridges and press the power button to remove any residue left in the printer.
  • Step5: Now, plug back the cables, reload the papers and then print any random document to check whether the issue is fixed.

Method 2. Turn your printer off and on

You can also make use of this method to solve the issue if in case the above one doesn’t work for you. For this, you need to:

  • Step1: Push and hold the power button of your Epson Printer to switch it off.
  • Step2: In the next step, detach all cables that are plugged connected to it.
  • Step3: Now wait for at least five minutes and press the power button at the same time plug the power cable. Keep the power switch held for an extra minute. Release it afterward
  • Step4: After completing the step mentioned above connect your Epson printer to your computer, connect the removed cables.
  • Step5: Try to print a document to see if the error 0x97 persists.

Method 3. Use Windows Printer Troubleshooter and install missing drivers

  • Step1: You need to download the Windows Printing Troubleshooter and then run the executable and see what issues it detects.
  • Step2: Now, in the next step install the missing printer drivers. By making a right-click on Windows menu icon and selecting Device Manager.
  • Step3: Go to the option of the “Printers” and the printer that you are having the issue with. Make a right click on it and select the Update Driver option.

Contact Epson Printer Support +1-888-573-0071 To Gel Ultimate Support

By applying these steps, you can easily fix Epson Printer error 0x9e. But there is no need to get panic if you are unable to do so. You can take help from us if you are located in New York and search of Epson Printer repair center. For this, all you need to do is make a call on our service helpline number. We have gathered a team of Epson Printer repair service specialists that can solve even the most complicated issues in minimal time and affordable rates.


How To Fix Epson Printer Can’t Scan Over Network Error?

The “Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson printer occurs if users have turned off the scanner and they have incorrectly established a connection and there are no errors indicated. It also occurs if you have not performed the restart process of the computer after the installation of the scanning software. Users here in this blog will be introduced with detailed description of each step where it will teach you how to troubleshoot cannot scan in network in Epson printer.

Steps to Fix Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson printer

Step 1: Event Manager Program

  • Make sure the “Event Manager program” is not blocked by the firewall or any via other security software. Start the Epson Scan process before scanning with thestart button.
  • Now, users are needed to launch the Epson scan process before scanning from the scanner button.
  • It is to be noted that if a large part of the document is being scanned at a high resolution, a network communication error may surely occur. So, making attempt to scan again at a lower resolution is recommended.

Step 2: Turn off The Scanner

  • If you are unable to restart the Epson Scan, turn off your scanner, turn it back on and restart the Epson Scan again.
  • Check for the proper connectivity settings to test whether the Epson Scan Settings connection processes well or not?
  • Make sure that the “Connection setting” is set to the Network mode and then click on the Test button.
  • If you are using OS X then, open the “Applications folder” first and hit on the Epson Software icon
  • Tap on the “EPSON Scan” Settings icon to establish a Connection setting to the Network accurately. Hit on the “Test” button now. Proceed to next step to solve “cannot scan over network issue” in Epson scanners

Step 3: Disabling Firewall And Other Anti-virus 

  • Make sure that you have chosen the “Timeout Setting” option in the Epson Scan Settings to complete scanning over a network process.
  • Next, disable the firewall and any anti-virus software on the wireless router.
  • If the message appears as “Network product is not available: currently being used by user” then, there communication issue is the cause between the scanner and the computer. Restart the scanner in this case.
  • Make use of the “Epson Scan on a network” process which supports IPv4.
  • At last, just open the Epson Scan Settings icon, hit on “Add” icon, and enter the IP address for your scanner.

Dial at Epson Customer Support Number +1-888-573-0071 for Solving Epson Scanner issues!

Get in touch with Epson Customer Support professionals to get world-class support solutions 24*7 that are comprehensive to experience by users. We are happy to assist customers in their difficult times as and when faced by them. Our solutions are unique in nature which makes us stand distinguished from other brand. Call us now and solve issues instantly.