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How to troubleshoot Epson Inkjet Printers Issues

How to Troubleshoot Epson Inkjet printer Issues 

Printers are excellent when they function well, else it’s frustrating to handle. This article explains about how Epson troubleshoot the Biggest Issues With Inkjet Printers by Epson printer customer care experts

Printers can function reliably for long years and can even print thousands of documents, files, etc. but it is also true that  they can comes across serious  malfunctioning issues or can even stop working entirely. Well, sometimes the reason might be as simple as over use or under use. Many people don’t prefer to use their inkjet printers these days according to Epson Inkjet printer technical support experts and this can surely lead towards a huge problems resulting in dried-up ink blocking all the nozzles. Well, over use is less common than misuse: paper clips, hair bands and even food can fall into printers and might lead to a serious paper jams or even worse condition.

Here are few common printing issues that users may come around such as printing related to:

  • Web pages, Excel documents and photos won’t print properly
  • Issues while replacing the cartridges
  • Unable to print from phone or tablet
  • The printer is not functioning properly
  • Poor printing quality
  • Paper jams

We will discuss here about only two printing issues that Epson printer has solved in Inkjet printers and they are:

  • Poor printing quality

The inkjet printer head nozzles can become entirely blocked causing a severe horizontal streak on the printed documents and even poor or wrong printed colors. Cleaning up of the print heads can easily solve this issue faster The procedure varies entirely from printer to printer and there might be various options available on the printer control panel or may in the printer software in your  computer. Users might need to look this up in the manual at this point of time. We take an example of HP inkjet where there is a Start screen app for Windows 8 users which has a Maintenance button over there. What a user needs to perform is simply to click on it and then can easily clean the print heads or align them in a proper manner. Head cleaning kits are also available as an alternate option.

  • Paper jams
  1. Paper jams are a common issue but trying to solve out this issue is an absolute option for users. What you need to do is simply pull out the paper, open all the flaps and then look inside for the issue. A user might need a torch to check out for the paper and long tweezers to reach it, especially if it’s only about a small piece which has been ripped off and left inside.
  2. Look under the printer as there may be an access point which can be removed easily to examine and clean up the paper feed mechanism.
  3. Old papers are sure to absorb moisture, thus makes it stick and then it is pulled via two or more sheets at a time. Users are requested to keep it in a bag until required.

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