Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Error Code W-61

What is Epson Printer Error Code W-61

Epson Printer Error Code W-61 is often called a communication error while users are operating on the Epson printer.  Our specialist team member has clarified steps to fix Epson Printer Error Code W-61 with proper steps.

The Epson W-61 communication error code comes in 2 kinds specifically: power light doesn’t turns on and another one is the fact that the power light is on but nothing else is found to be printing.  This is a severe issue for men and women that are in the midst of doing something significant work.   However, it’s solution also.

How To Fix Epson Printer W-61 Error

Steps to troubleshoot Epson Printer W-61 error

Step1: Connection Checkup

  • Make sure that the computer as well as the printer is properly connected on the same network.
  • The next thing which you need to check is that whether either one of them is not connected on the network or not?

Step 2: Using a Proper USB Cable

  • Now here one needs to check while you are working with the Epson printer, make sure that you are using an appropriate USB cable which generally comes with the device.

Step 3: Installation

  • If this is your first time for the installation phase then, it is suggested for you to insert the CD which comes with the printer.
  • Make sure that you are accurately able to install the driver and make your printer device work accurately on your computer.
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Here you are completely done.

I hope all the above steps will help you in resolving this issues as fast as possible. But still if the issue continues to happen further then, do approach to our technicians at below contact details.

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