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Print Head of Epson Printer

Ultimate Tutorial to help you in Aligning the Printhead on Your Epson Printer

Seiko Epson Corporation is a Japanese electronics company which specializes in manufacturing high-quality printers for worldwide users. Epson is highly in demand in New York City for its advanced features and user-friendly access. Whether you are a professional or a student pursuing your course, a printer is as important as any other electronic equipment to serve your printing requirements. Printer simplifies the heavy load of paperwork and helps you in finishing your task at a comparatively lesser time. You don’t need to worry about the security of your data as you can create a hard copy using your printer, any time you need.

Epson meets your requirements and emphasizes on producing machines with advanced features. If you are searching for an advanced and durable printer, you can completely trust Epson.  The company has a wide range of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers which not only assures you of quality but also fits in your budget.

Any electronic device needs proper maintenance to enhance its durability; printers are no different. Despite being highly user efficient, users can encounter multiple issues with their Epson printers, causing major damages at times. You need to be very quick in availing Epson printer support if you encounter any error with your printer during an ongoing task. If you are in New York City and if you are a little puzzled about how to rescue your printer from frequent issues, take a deep breath and relax. You can rely on our Epson printer repair nyc for effective support for your printers.

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Whoops! Poor Quality Printing! Epson Printhead Alignment not Working?

If the printing quality of your Epson printer is deteriorating, one of the reasons can be the misalignment of the printhead. You might get error messages if the system fails to detect the printhead. You need to realign the printhead to make your printer work like before.

If you think whether you can fix the problem or switch to an entirely new printer, then let us tell you that this problem is curable. All you need to do is avail expert assistance to boost up the performance of your printer. There can be display messages on the screen like ‘Printhead Problem’ or ‘Printhead Appears to be Missing or Damaged.’ As a quick remedy you can try few things at home to kick-start your machine:

  • Step 1: Remove the printhead of your Epson printer
  • Step 2: Clean all the three areas of the printhead; the plastic ramps on both sides of ink nozzles, the edge between nozzles and the electrical contacts.
  • Step 3: Realign the printhead after cleaning the parts
  • Step 4: Restart your printer to check whether the error message comes up or not.

Issues with Epson Printhead Alignment?

You might find it difficult to align the printhead on your Epson printer. If you are unable to make things work with the instructions provided along the printer, you need not panic. Our experts help you in resolving your problems efficiently. No matter which operating system you use, here is an expert guide which you can follow to make proper alignment of the printhead without any difficulty.

Printhead alignment process differs in various operating systems. You might be thinking about the solutions if you are using an operating system which is missing in the instructions provided with the product. You need not puzzle yourself with such thoughts as long as we are here to eliminate the printer issues of people in New York City. We are providing a detailed guideline on how to align the printhead of your Epson printer using different operating systems.

Windows users, here’s a simple guide for you! Follow the steps below and try troubleshooting the printhead error messages:

  • Ensure that A4 size paper is loaded in the sheet feeder
  • Access the Print or Page Setup dialog box
  • Click on the Utility icon button
  • Then, click the Printhead Alignment button
  • Keep following the instructions provided on the screen to align the printhead.

Using Mac operating system? You might be thinking whether the steps mentioned above will be fruitful for your system or not. We have solutions for you as well.  Follow the steps below to align the printhead:

For Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that A4 size or Letter size plain paper is loaded in the sheet feeder.
  • Access the Print or Page Setup dialog box in your system
  • Click the icon ‘Utility’ and then click the printhead Alignment button
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen to align the printhead

For Mac OS X:

  • Make sure there is an A4 size paper in the sheet feeder
  • Access the EPSON Utility dialog box
  • Select the printer and click OK in the Printer List window
  • Click on the printhead Alignment button in the Utility dialog box
  • Keep following the instructions to align the printhead

Following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly get rid of the hectic process of printhead alignment. There are chances that after aligning the printhead properly, you can come across the printhead errors again. It can be due to using a damaged printhead. Without wasting your time, you must opt for effective Epson printer repair.

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